Skype API Plugin for Pidgin

I think it was one of the first things I thought about when I was reading Mark’s write up about Ibex design – will this FUSA (Fast User Switch Application) work with Skype as well? I know Skype is not open but still, there is a good Linux version available.

Today I went to search for some solution to have my Skype-status controlled by the ‘presence’ feature of the Ibex.

After some search I found a nice blog entry about the new features and nothing more – at first.

Then I found it “Skype API Plugin for Pidgin…“.

After some tinkering I conclude that the installation is … easy!

  1. download the skype4pidgin.deb and installed it.
  2. Start your skype
  3. Start Pidgin
  4. Go to ‘Manage Accounnts’ (<Ctrl>+A) and add the Skype protocol
  5. Use your Skype name
  6. Skype will ask you if Pidgin is allowed to access the API. Allow it and remember to click the ‘remember setting’ box.
  7. Done from now on Pidgin will even start Skype and the ‘presence’ can be changed by FUSA!
  8. Done

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